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A Trip to the Market by NightTheKittyKat A Trip to the Market by NightTheKittyKat
"Seb! There you are."
The green wyngro turned his head at Lionel's voice. His lanky orange brother was cheerfully striding towards him. Seb smiled and stopped walking so he could catch up. "What's up?" He asked. Lio twitched an ear. "I've been looking for you. You weren't at the nook. What're you up to?" Seb let out a small snort of laughter. "Why didn't you just ask Alma? Anyway, I'm helping Dr. F.- I came by the market to grab some ingredients for him." Lionel laughed a bit "Right. I forgot you were a healing nerd for a bit." Seb elbowed him playfully. "What kind of brother forgets that?" He asked. Lio grinned. "Well, you don't sit around reading all day like Percy so it's pretty easy to forget how nerdy you really are. Anyway, Wes and I were gonna play hide and seek and I was gonna ask if you wanted to come. After you're done getting Dr. F.'s.....?" "Puckoo tails." Seb finished for him. "One of the wynglings I'm helping him with has the fits." "Mmm, Fits is bad. Don't you need frowny root for that too?" Lionel asked. Seb nodded. "Yeah, but he already has some of that, I already got him some from his stores earlier, then he realized he was out of pucko butts. But anyways, I can't come- I'll be helping the doctor for the rest of the day, probably through the night, since Alma gave me permission." Lionel scoffed a bit. "Pfft. Looser. Alright, I'll let Wes know. We actually almost got Percy to come, but then he remembered he had class tonight." Seb chuckled. "That fact you nearly managed is a feat. Tell Wes I said hello for me, at least." Lionel nodded. "I will. See you, you walking lettuce!" The orange wyngro called as he turned to go. Smirking, Seb swept his tail to trip Lionel up as he went to go. "Bye, chicken legs." He said in response.
After Lionel was gone Seb sat back on his haunches, straightening his back to get a better look at the nearby shops.Several for jewelry or fancy clothes. Meat, meat, where was...Ah, there! Headed by a wyngro that looked rather like a feline was a stall that said "Fresh meat" on the top- and the shop keeper was calling things about puckoo meat. Cheerfully he headed over, greeting the wyngro. Coin was her name, from what he recalled. Worked at a nearby farm. "I'll need a one of those." Seb said, pointing at the severed puckoo rumps as he pulled out the required money. Coin grinned, a paw on her chin as she plucked one from a small cooler behind her and put it in a small brown bag for him. "Someone got the fits?" She asked. Seb nodded. "Yeah, lots of 'em. Tons of Wynglings that stayed out in the cold a bit too long." Coin's ears twitched. "Helping the doctor I assume? If you buy another I'll give you a third for free. I'm sure he'd appreciate the extra supplies." She said, with a twitch of her whiskers. Seb thought for a moment, then reached back in his satchel for more money with a smile and a nod. "Good idea. I think I'll have to buy a few other cuts of meat too while I'm here- my brother likes 'em." With a twitch of her whiskers, Coin popped everything in a small burlap sack for him and exchanged it for the payment. "Give the doctor my regards!" She called, as Seb bid her goodbye and hopped away. He waved his tail as an acknowledgement that she'd spoke before making his way back to Dr. F.'s office. Hopefully young Spark hadn't set anyone else's hair on fire while he was gone.


Coin belongs to :iconred-anteater:!!
I've actually been wanting to draw her for a bit. I loooove cats so this kitty themed bab has stolen my heart. I hope she looks alright! I have the SAI file still in case you want me to fix anything. I tried to keep her dialogue to a bit of a minimal to avoid mis-characterizing her- let me know if something is really off and I'll gladly fix it!


Second half for part 2 of the 'gro event!
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